• Organization

    You must first make sure there is an adequate nucleus of students and faculty who are interested in organizing a chapter and efficiently conducting its activities.


  • Application

    Any community college desiring to be considered for a chapter must complete an information form which can be obtained from the Secretary of Extension and Eligibility. (See below)

    Submitting an application does not automatically lead to acceptance. A team will review your request, and if all information is in order, a time will be established for a campus visitation and inspection.


  • Visitation/Inspection

    The committee on Qualification and Eligibility will come to your campus to meet with the potential advisor(s), chapter officers, and appropriate administrative Dean and college president. The purpose of the visitation is to assist the advisor(s) and officers in understanding the responsibilities and duties involved with their positions.


  • Chapter Constitution

    Each provisional chapter applying for recognition must have a written chapter constitution and by-laws which are in conformity with the A.G.S. State Constitution and Bylaws.


  • Chapter Recommendation

    After the application form has been received, the chapter constitution and by-laws reviewed, and the on-site visitation completed, a recommendation by the committee will be made to the Secretary of Extension and Eligibility.
    A provisional chapter may begin to function as a recognized chapter once the initiation fee has been paid to the State Treasurer, and notification of acceptance has been received from the Secretary of Extension and Eligibility. 


  Chapters reactivating must contact the
Secretary of Extension and Eligibility. 


 Every chapter receiving recognition by A.G.S. during the year, will receive their charter at the Spring Convention, in a special ceremony.
Delegates representing the new chapter must be present to receive the charter.

**  All inquiries, reports, and correspondence concerning an institution seeking a charter
      should be addressed to: